Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Boyfriend (Guy) Beauty Test by Shaaanxo

Shannon Harris, above, one of my favorite beauty bloggers of all time, posted this video on Youtube on testing a guy's beauty knowledge. She is from New Zealand, has her own beauty brushes line, XO Beauty, and has been a video guru for such a long time! Check her out! Anyways, I decided to try out her Beauty Test on a poor unsuspecting guinea pig below.

How my guy friend scored:

1) 8
2) 0
3) 0
4) 0 and 0 – foundation brush, eyeliner brush
5) 0
6) 1
7) 1
8) 0
9) 1
10) 0
11) "You put this on your cheeks?" 0 elf HD setting powder
"Well it says here you put it on before you makeup, so is this eyelid primer?" 0 Clinique redness solutions primer 
12) 9

20 points

I have been doing makeup for about 2 years seriously, and I think he did a good job, though I did sneak him a point when he mentioned "Naked", which is not technically a brand, but it is a line within Urban Decay. Surprisingly he also named "Victoria's Secret" and "Forever21" as makeup lines, which as a store, they do carry. 

For the outer v, he ran his fingers along an upside down V on the sides of his nose.

That's not even a V, more like a Lambda or an A?

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