Monday, August 11, 2014

Emergency Makeup DIY

So I have a few more weeks until I get started at my new job. Back in the spring, I had a small melt-down, and freaked out about my life. To calm myself down, I got crafty, and brainstormed how I could streamline my morning routine and have a backup I could chuck in my bag that would basically "save the day" aka "save face".

Pointed Nail File
Business Cards
ELF Translucent Powder Compact
Heat Source
Utility Knife
Old Business cards

First I used a variety of methods to heat the glue in these original drugstore makeup cases, and peeled the metal pans out of the item. The glue melts but it's very hard to remove and can stain your desk so be careful. Sometimes I would use a needle to pry it out, other times I tried to cut the glue with string, other times I would use my nail file, and other times it would pop out easily by picking with my nails/finger.

Popping the plastic out of the ELF Translucent Powder Compact ($3 on was done with a knife. As you can see, the dish is slightly curved, so you'll need to glue in some cut up business cards or cardboard (3-4 is enough) to flatten out this area.

Now, with the softened glue on the back of the pans, you can just stick them onto the business card back as you like, positioning them to all fit. Included in my final "emergency makeup kit", I have a highlighter powder, dark peach spice blush powder, some Maybelline "Wine on Ice" lipstick, and some assorted Covergirl/Almay Eyeshadows.

The rose colored lipstick was placed in a emptied Wet n Wild eyeshadow pan, I used a toothpick to pick off some lipstick, and melted it in the pan so it would be easy to apply with a finger. I can use this as a creme blush or a lipstick.

In my purse I plan on chucking a pack of makeup wipes, a tube of mascara, this DIY compact, eyeshadow brush, and mini-blush brush. The mini blush brush will be one of those little ones that usually come with makeup products. Brands like Covergirl, Wet n Wild, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, etc, often do this.

So what do you think? Would this compact work for you?