Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Mind Cleaning

Half of the world is in 2013, and the other half has been left behind in 2012. Isn't that  a strange concept? To literally be worlds apart in space and time.

I've started listening to music I can't understand, because I've come to appreciate something. When you don't understand anything at all, sometimes everything means so much more. 

What am I talking about? Perfectly team-produced, catchy, profit-gathering electronic songs can be so inspiring, that they pick me up right when I need it. 

I find myself toe-tapping in tune with every count. 

New Years Resolutions:
1) Get my abs back
2) Swim atleast weekly
3) Be awesome at school/career things
4) Continue on my quest to look like a pop-star

Balancing 3 and 4 might be hard. Not sure a place like Wall Street would want to hire.... well, Beyonce. But if I hold myself back and wait until I've gotten a job offer to dye my hair red blonde and paint my nails glitter blue....maybe.... eh. Maybe I should add in a condition like: If I get straight A's in my courses.