Friday, June 20, 2014

DVD DIY Flimsy Makeup Palette

For a flimsy, but still useable DIY Makeup Palette that is big enough to hold many depotted items, I turned to an old DVD case I had lying around and hacked it up with a box cutting knife. Things learned: It's really hard to hack plastic and I was sweating. It's really easy to accidentally slice through the clear film that you wanted to keep so the palette looks pretty. Do not use water soluble no-name-no-brand glue you found on the floor of a community art room to glue your depotted pans. Pans will fall, makeup will shatter, powder will go everywhere, and then you will need lots of isopropyl alcohol to press that back into the pan. You may cry a little. The never settling perpetually melty and sticky clear glue that is standard on the back of every depotted pan can dependably be reused indefinitely. If that provided glue sticks to your desk, you're screwed as it never comes off ever. Do not believe online Pinterest lies about how rubbing alcohol or peanut butter gets it off. It never goes away but will smear and attract dust for eternity.

In the end, I turned to a small cardboard jewelry gift box to hold my depotted messes until I could properly get my hands on some high quality water soluble Elmer's glue, hot glue gun, or super glue to properly attached my depotted eyeshadows. This is not recommended as a portable palette, just some way to keep all your depotted items together so you can happily toss away the plastic drugstore packaging.

Observe, friends.

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